Do you realise where we'll be without fixing scalping?

Prices in the UK have steadily risen over the last few years for all major electronics goods including graphics cards

Initially due to COVID, now another issue has taken hold in our electronics industry. SCALPERS.

A look at the Nvidia XX70 series over 4 Generations

A look at the Nvidia XX80 series over 4 Generations

Why should I care?

Good question.

We love gaming

Without fixing this problem, PC gaming is at risk. Already people are beginning to find the hobby too expensive and being forced out.

Everyone should have access to fun, and it shouldn't be used by individuals to make quick money.

Many use gaming as a means of having good mental health and catching up with friends.

Scalpers create false DEMAND

This leads to supply issues, which in turn drives up prices. These prices set a precedent with suppliers, to sell their goods for more in future generations.

Left unchecked, our electronics will continue to increase in cost at a rate we've never seen, leaving normal buyers to foot the bill while scalpers cash in on every electronic item.

This sounds familiar, isn't this banned?

We saw this before with ticket sales, which has now been regulated and banned by the Government making it a criminal offence which killed the entire market overnight.

Unfortunately consumer electronic goods are not affected by this law. We want this change this.

What can I do?


Continue with price rises, fighting to purchase products you want. Eventually you will be unable to afford things you would have.


Vote with your feet. Stop your spending and fueling of the price rises. Do you need to spend against the odds to have the item? Question the value.

Raise awareness

Share this site with friends via Social Media. Let's get a discussion going.


We're working on even more ways to get this into National debate.

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